Characters creation

FAT-prod provides 3D characters for productions (High Poly & Low Poly). Long experience in 3D industry and especially with Video Games productions constraints¬† (mesh topology for efficent rigging, budget limits, deadline…).

  • 3D Characters creation: humans, creatures, animals…
    • High Poly modeling (sculpting hard surface and organic)
    • Low Poly modeling
    • UV mapping
    • Texturing diffuse, specular, roughness and baking ambiant occlusion, normal map, parallax, bump, displacement map
    • Rigging (biped, bones, facial rigs…)
    • Textures polish
    • Geometry re-topologisation and cleaning
    • Size up textures
    • Models optimization

All productions are supervised by Lead Pipeline artists and Art directors. We work with a wide range of 3D specialists and we can manage whole pipeline for you:

  • – Concept/sketches artists
  • – Characters/creatures Digital sculptors
  • – Low poly Characters artists
  • – Rigging specialists
  • – Animators
  • – Textures artists